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Unique Forensics LLC offers workshop, lecture, and consultation services to help you better experience, understand, and judge within the forensic comparative science process. These services are supported by backgrounds in latent print, shoe/tire print, firearm/tool mark, and fracture examinations, forensic comparative science research, teaching and learning at a variety of forensic science seminars, and active participation in national forensic science committees. After viewing the website, contactjohnv@uniqueforensics.comif interested in learning more about any of the offered services.

John R. Vanderkolk

Unique Forensics LLC
Consultant in Forensic Comparative Science

Indiana State Police
Manager - Fort Wayne Regional Laboratory

John R. Vanderkolk received a Bachelor of Arts degree in forensic studies and psychology from Indiana University in 1979. He became an Indiana State Police trooper in 1979 and then a crime scene technician in 1983. In 1984, he was assigned as a criminalist in the laboratory, where he was trained in the disciplines of latent print, shoe/tire print, firearm/tool mark, and fracture/physical comparative examinations. He was promoted to laboratory manager in 1996. He retired as a police officer in 2005, was rehired as a civilian, and is currently the manager at the Indiana State Police Laboratory in Fort Wayne.

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